Room rental

On the first floor of the café there is a space of about 25m2. You can make a reservation and have a private gathering. The space is customizable to your specific needs. You can use the beamer (Chromecast/HDMI) and the amplifier.  

A perfect place for:

  • meetings with our big table, excellent coffee and free secure WiFi
  • movie nights with our beamer, snacks and drinks
  • birthday parties up to 50 people with our unique tokens for a great discount

Reservations or questions: send a message to!
Please state the desired date and time, number of people, and if you are affiliated with an association.

Under 10 people, we charge € 10,- per hour.
Above 10 people, the use of the space is free of charge if on average all participants order one drink per hour.

It’s mandatory to purchase all drinks from the bar. However, what we can not offer foodwise you can bring yourself. We offer no standard catering. However, on request we can find an appropriate solution.