Room rental

There is seated space for about 25-30 people, by default usually 6 smaller tables.

Big table for your private gathering, dinner party, meeting, workshop, arts & crafts.

Modular setup: assembly meetings, birthday party, graduation, recitals, company socials.

In-house beamer and microphone: pub quiz, movie night, pub lecture, presentation.

All photos © by Markus Thomanek.

Hey there, thanks for considering our cozy upstairs room at Literair Café De Graanrepubliek. 😄👋

TLDR: Private room upstairs (25m2) bookable with facilities: beamer, microphone, big table, wifi, up to 30 seated spots, up to 60 people without seats. Flexible setup. Dinner party, (assembly) meetings, pubquiz, pub lecture, birthday/graduation, arts & crafts, recitals, company socials, movie nights. Personal touch, generally no rental fee. Bring your own food. Friendly to small groups and students, queer friendly. Discount possible. 

Check the online agenda for available dates.

More info? Read down below.

Or send an email right away!

Who? (25-30 seats; up to 60 persons without seats; small groups welcome)
– The upstairs room is very welcoming to smaller groups. If you are planning to have a modest private gathering, we are happy to see you. Regardless the group size, you can expect the personal ambiance to be extra profound, and your event will still feel vibrant and buzzy.
– If you want everyone to have a seat (comfortably) the recommended maximum amount of people is 25-30. If you don’t mind the seating too much: we have had events work out great with 50-60 people, this is very “gezellig”. It works because people will walk around, go home, come later, have a smoke, go downstairs and outside. 
– Please note, if you are experiencing limited mobility, that the toilets and the upstairs are accessible only via a narrow spiral staircase.

regular event? we can discuss a discount if you wish to become a recurring character. 
student/study association? for years we have been working with student organisations, offering a permanent 10% discount, sponsorship and use of the space. In return some events will be organised at our location. Let us know if this could be something for you.
– charity? NGO? we are happy to work with you and help you set up a fundraiser, event or otherwise further your goals. 🤗

What? (private modular room with facilities)
– The upstairs room is all yours! We can help out setting up in advance if you have specific wishes for the layout. Feel very free to redesign any way you want. Otherwise, we will just let our experience guide us based on the theme of the event and the amount of visitors.
– It’s a small bar with a small staff. Likely, there will be limited table service. You are encouraged to order at the bar and take your drinks there. Bringing empty glasses is also very much appreciated.
– By default the big table is not set up, since it takes up some space, but you could consider using it for your: arts & crafts, writing, assembly meetings, auction table, birthday presents, snacks, and so on. Under the table is also a great place to hide your coats and bags, and a good spot for a trash bag.
– There is an amplifier upstairs that you can use. We want you to have fun (but ask that you also consider the volume a little bit). You can connect with: jack 3,5 mm, USB-C, Bluetooth.
– In house, we have a beamer if you wish to use it. 🍿 You can connect wirelessly using Chromecast, or use our HDMI cable. An Apple adapter is not here. Apple and Chromecast seem to be at odds with each other now and then, please make sure you bring the right equipment. We always recommend bringing a device with an HDMI slot. Any device that has the Chrome browser should be able to connect without a cable. Android phones can cast a live copy their screen as well.
– Please note that using the beamer and the screen eats away some space, the recommended maximum amount of seats when using the beamer is about 25 people.
– We have a microphone ready to go, great if you want to organise a pub quiz. We can make 5-6 groups with 5-6 people each (max 25-30 people). With the beamer and screen, we recommend a maximum of 25 participants. Without the beamer, 30 people will work as well.
In house equipment:
1x Shure SM58 microphone
1x Mackie PROFX8v2 mixer
2x the box MA100 (mounted) monitors
1x Millenium MS-2005 mic stand
cables etc.
Salora 50BHD2000 beamer: Google Chromecast, HDMI + cable
Amplifier with outputs: 3.5 mm, usb-c, Bluetooth receiver 

– Unfortunately we can no longer host live music due to restrictions by the municipality.

When(online agenda; open at 15:00, close round 02:30)
– You can always check the availability of the room on our public agenda.
– The bar usually opens around 3:00 PM, we are closed on Mondays. If you need to get in before opening (suppose you want to pick up some things the day after) that is usually no problem. Let us know.
– If you wish to have your event while we’re closed on Mondays, you can rent the cafe at € 20 per hour, with an additional 2 hours added for opening and closing. This is excluding the costs of drinks etc.
– It is always recommended to come at least half an hour before, so you can check if the space is to your liking and adjust the layout, or put up decorations, balloons and so on.
– Upstairs, we kindly ask you to lower the volume of the music and the party around 1:00 AM to consider the tenant sleeping above you. 
– There is no official closing time for bars in Groningen. Usually we aim to close the bar around 2:30 AM, we are however not always successful in this, so the party goes on way longer.

Where? (city centre; downstairs and terrace also open) 
– The street is not car friendly. But you can easily park your bike.
– Downstairs, there is a seated capacity for about 30 people.
– Outside: during the terrace season, we can seat about 30 people. During off season about 12 people.
– Downstairs and outside are not bookable and will be used by other customers. You are of course welcome to hang out here as well.

Why? (personal touches; affordable; impeccable ambiance)
– Why not have a great time with your co-workers, friends and family? 😊
– Why choose the Literair Café? After many years of building memories and expertise, we are one of the highest rated bars in Groningen. Our visitors especially love the freedom they get upstairs, the personal touches and the inclusive approach, the surprisingly elaborate drinks menu with a focus on quality, and of course the fact that we are quite affordable for a cafe in the city centre.
– The building itself is a city monument: the outside is protected for being culturally and historically relevant. The interior is treated with the same dignity and love. Immerse yourself in a beautiful space that invokes monumentality, in a setting full of books and art. 

Food 🍫 (bring your own food; modest selection; we happily warm it up)
– We have a very modest selection of snacks that you can purchase (may change):
Mars, Snickers, Kitkat Chunky, Bounty, Skittles, assorted nuts, salted corn, honey mustard corn, sunflower seeds, Popcorn Sweet or Salt, Pringles Original, Paprika, Hot & Spicy, Sour & Cream, sausage, cheese, bapao beef & chicken, vegetable noodles, Tuc.
Bring your own food. It is very much encouraged to bring your own food free of charge, or arrange for an external food delivery service directly to the cafe.
– We have a microwave / oven.
– We have some bowls, plates and cutlery you can use.
– We have limited fridge space, but we can probably fit in a birthday pie and small snacks.

Budget (<10 people: €10 per hour; >10 people: free of charge; one drink per hour)
– Under 10 people, we ask for a contribution of 10 euros per hour. You may consider allowing other guests in the room if you are under ten people, so there will be no fee charged.
– Over 10 people, the reservation will be free of charge. We will ask you to order one drink per person per hour on average.
– You decide how to settle the bill: you can let everyone pay individually, or you can give us a budget and we will let you know when you run out.
On offer: token system
Ask about our custom tokens! They are a great gesture to new arrivals, and they make sure the budget is well distributed, and you know exactly how much you spend, on top of a nice discount.
The price of one coin is always lower than the normal price of a small beer. (current price = € 2,90)
1 coin: 0,25 L beer, white/red/rose wine, sodas, hot drinks, shots
2 coins: special beers, distilled, house whiskey
3 coins: single malt whiskey, cocktails
5 coins: pitcher 1,5 L beer
* exception for some selected items if: (the original price+1 euro) > (the value of the coins)

On the day of the event, you can continue buying the coins per 10 each, a refund is not possible.

  • You can decide to use the tokens for a different purpose of course, we are happy to get creative with you.

How? (easy booking by mail, person or phone)
– No hassle: we will not ask you for a contract or a deposit.
– Did you find a date? Or do you have a question about a date? You can reach us:
  • By phone: +31 50 280 0006 (during opening hours)
  • By mail:
    • kindly share when possible: the desired date, start and end times, number of visitors, type of event, desired layout, any other wishes
  • Of course we are happy to talk to you at the bar to make your event happen.

If there is anything you’d like to know, please don’t hesitate to ask. We´d love to meet you – come say hello and see for yourself! 😁

Impressions and suggestions.

All photos © by Markus Thomanek.

Pubquiz: 25 people with beamer, 30 people without beamer

Pub lecture, presentation, movie

Celebration with ~30 seats, up to 60 possible (birthday, graduation, etc.)

Group meetings

Intimate presentations