[April 22] Shakespeare Festival Movie Marathon

To be or not to be!

Considering 2016 marks 400 years since Shakespeare’s death, GUTS will be celebrating the life and work of the greatest playwright ever!

To do so, a four-day festival running from the 20th to the 23rd of April. Through a display of “Performance Competitions”, pub-lecture, movie-marathon and a Shakespearian themed party, we will celebrate the legacy of Shakespeare.


Shakespearian Themed Party – Free Entry
Wednesday the 20th of April @ Het Concerthuis
21.00 ’till late
To mark the start of the festival, there will be “Midsummer Night’s Dream” themed party – dress to impress

Pub-Lecture – Free Entry
Thursday the 21st of April @ the Drie Gezusters
20.00 ’till 22.00
Hans Jansen, Professor of English at RuG, to speak about the life and work of Mister Shakespeare at the Drie Gezusters. Snacks will be providing to all guest as they sit-back, relax and enjoy a drink.

Movie-Marathon – Free Entry
Friday the 22nd of April @ Literair Café de Graanrepubliek
19.00 ’till late
Shakespeare hits the Silver Screen as, in a relaxed setting, we will show a selection of the playwright’s work adapted to the cinema.

Performance Battle – €4 ticket
Saturday the 23rd of April @ the Usva Theatre
20.00 until 22.30
Fear not! Watch GUTS, NUTS and the NNTWEE battle it out as each preform a 30-minute adaptaion of Shakespeare’s play.


Who is Shakespeare?

William Shakespeare is regarded as the greatest writer in the English language. From Romeo and Juliet to Hamlet, The Tempest to MacBeth – his work consists of approximately 38 plays, 154 sonnets, two long narrative poems, and a few other verses.



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